The Condoms for Kibale Project

One of the major problems facing the clinic is keeping it stocked with the supplies they need to have a broader impact. Condoms are gaining in popularity in the area and are a keystone aspect of an education initiative currently underway in order to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as allowing family planning. At the moment demand for condoms in the area outstrips the supply and our funds are limited. We recently received word from Trojan that we could buy condoms at cost (~10 cents/condom), and we are looking to buy 50,000 condoms for the clinic for this coming January.

While we do not know for sure what the demand for condoms in the area is (because demand has always outstripped our supply), this seems like a good place to start and we will see how long the supplies last. We are excited about this project because even very small donations make a very tangible difference. For example, 10 dollars will buy approximately 100 condoms which might prevent a number of unwanted pregnancies and curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS and ultimately have a huge impact. There is no overhead and 100% of money raised will go to bringing condoms to Kibale. Simple.

We are in the process of planning a fundraising event for this project for December: Click here for details!.

» Find out more about making a donation. If you would like to give specifically to this project please make a note when you give your donation!

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